We are a Kauri team from St. Petersburg. Together, we have grown from programmers
and circuit design developers to leaders of the IT industry.

Ermolaev Andrey

General Director

Kuchinskiy Vladimir

Technical Director

Roschupkin Sergey

Head of Electronics Department

Our expertise

Choice of technical solutions
Creating, supporting and expanding the functionality of software products
Development and launch of circuit boards together with development of base software, drivers and add-ons
Construction of telecommunication networks based on ISUP, SCP, SIP protocols
Design and development of real-time systems on servers running Solaris, Linux and Windows, on embedded devices
Architecture design from start to finish
System programming, programming of algorithms and finite automata
Building fault-tolerant computing systems using cluster technologies
Programming languages: C, C ++, Object Pascal, Perl, Python
Implementation of telecommunication standards: state machines, clearly structured Event Driven Systems, event-based programming

Completed projects

Emergency services

Development and implementation of solutions for call centers of medical dispatching services and emergency fire services in St. Petersburg and the internal affairs department in Irkutsk.

Digital audio recording

Development and implementation of a digital audio recording system for Lenenergo PJSC and St. Petersburg SUE Vodokanal.

Projects for security services

Development and installation of an internal digital PBX for the security services of the internal affairs department with the ability to record negotiations, determine the phone number, search for subscriber data in the GATS database.

Cellular connection improvement

Implemented projects for mobile operators. Providing high quality communication, reliability and durability of equipment (uptime guarantee from 15 to 20 years), accelerated search for faulty modules.

Hardware-software complex for telecom

Development and implementation of a hardware-software complex for telecom based on the E1 standard (digital compression of telephone channels). 5 million subscribers are connected, guarantee of reliable operation - 25 years.

Controllers for cellular networks

Development and implementation of specialized controllers in the form factors PCI, PCIe, AMC and in the form of submodules supporting PCI and PCIe controllers. Controllers handle voice messages and other information.

Modules for telecom

One of the key modules, the E1 digital line controller, was developed in the AMC form factor for use in telecommunications equipment of the AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA standards.

Standards switch: from E1 to MicroTCA

Transfer of E1 digital communication controllers to MicroTCA standard, which enables the creation of reliable high-performance telecommunication systems with the possibility of hot-swappable modules.

Switch to RBT service

Development and implementation of solutions for the replacement of the standard call control signal (CPV) for the RBT service on MTS, Beeline, VimpelCom.

Mobile video

Pilot project for providing video communication during video calls using GSM standard based on MicroTCA systems commissioned by MTS.

Component base

  • Intel Cyclone IV FPGA;
  • Cyclone 5SoC;
  • NXP Power PC QUICC III processors;
  • Ethernet Transceiver;
  • Ethernet switch company Marvell.
  • the latest iMX8M Mini Quad processors;
  • NXP IMX6Q;
  • RK3288, RK3399 processors from Rockchip.

Our hardware-software solutions support the main protocols MQTT and its broker Mosquito, IIoT network interfaces.

«Our approach to the development and writing of programs is such that the solution must be not only reliable, but also technically beautiful».

Vladimir Kuchinskiy

Technical Director

What inspires us

We are convinced that we will help Russian industry to reduce the gap between itself and world leaders. We know the real situation; we have enough skill and experience to change the old infrastructure.

The Russian Federation market is practically open for the introduction of Industry 4.0 technologies.

The starting point for our development is your business strategy. Kauri solutions optimize production and provide an edge in the market.

We offer beautiful engineering solutions based on smart analytics with convenient client interfaces, adapted to your needs. With us you can transform business processes, rethink your products, services and their development.

Our values

Customer oriented. Creating valuable and profitable products for you is our job.

Professionalism and development of competence. We are constantly learning new things, striving to apply the most current development tools, keep abreast of market trends and recent technological advances.

Cross-functional approach. Members of our team and our partners are people with complementary skills and expertise, this helps us to interact with each other constructively and successfully solve all given tasks.

Responsibility. We value our reputation, value the time and money of our customers and guarantee a high-quality result.

Contact us

+7 (904) 335-55-03

Office address

194100, Russia, St. Petersburg , Technopark "Bastion", st. Litovskaya, d. 10, letter A

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