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EDGE IoT Computing

A reliable platform for the industrial Internet of Things. When working with the EDGE IoT Computing model, data is processed directly on IoT devices, without transferring the entire data array to the main data center (data processing center).

EDGE IoT Computing is the next generation after Cloud Computing. The solution allows you to quickly process information from devices and transmit the results to responsible personnel.

Operating principle

01. Collection of primary raw data

  • sensors
  • actuators

02. Fast processing and storage

  • IoT devices
  • local servers, switches

03. Analytics and storage

  • enterprise data center
  • central cloud storage

The central storage receives only processed high-quality data. The primary information is processed locally and does not overload the data transmission channel to the main data center.

Main applications of EDGE IoT Computing


Collecting data on the condition of the equipment, warning about possible damage


Collecting information about patients, medical manipulations, climate control in wards


Collecting data on visitors, sales, and security at the point of sale


Tracking of shipments, control of inventory and warehouse occupancy

Advantages of the solution

It works independently and smoothly, regardless of the connection to the cloud
The data is deleted from the devices after the confirmed transfer to the cloud (corporate data center or other storage)
Fast processing of locally collected data
Field processing reduces the risk of data loss
Reduce the bandwidth costs of IoT devices
Network security monitoring: viruses, malware

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