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KaurIoT Cargo Tipster

Real-time cargo monitoring. The Cargo Tipster installed on the cargo transmits data about the current location, route, temperature mode of transportation and notifies about emergency situations.

Application of Cargo Tipster

To the owners of the cargo

  • track the location of couriers
  • make sure that the conditions of carriage are met
  • be aware of an emergency situation: deviation from the route, delay in loading, and more

Fast and safe delivery of cargo. Your customers are sure that they will receive the goods on time.

For logistics companies

  • they may stand out from the competition with Cargo Tipster
  • show your customers the transparency of transportation along the way
  • control transportation and encourage drivers to use the car for its intended purpose

Increase the demand for services. Cargo Tipster is a profitable competitive advantage in the transportation market.

For the insurance companies

  • insurance companies may provide customers with additional physical insurance
  • you may demonstrate the capabilities of your Cargo Tipster personal account: real-time cargo monitoring, parameter tracking, and instant alerts

Increase loyalty to your company. Use the added value of Cargo Tipster when insuring transportation.

Benefits of implementation

Improving business performance

Compliance with deadlines, transportation planning, operational alerts

Convenient reporting

A convenient personal account with statistics for reports

Loyal customers

Transparency of transportation along the entire route, notification of delays

Efficient operation

Traffic control and a well-thought-out system of incentives for drivers

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