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System on Module Kauri SoM i.MX8M Mini

Reduce time-to-market of your future device with Kauri System on Module (SoM) i.MX8M Mini based on CPU ARM Cortex-A53 (up to 1.6Ghz maximum core clock frequency).

Small form factor (53 х 30 х 4 мм) within low power consumption makes Kauri SoM a perfect solution for developing dense devices. Key features of this module are WiFi 4 and BLE 5.0 interfaces.

KaurIoT Cargo Tipster

Logistic solution. The Cargo Tipster installed on the cargo transmits data about the current location, route, temperature mode of transportation and notifies about emergency situations.

Smart Power Meter

The power sensor is designed to measure and continuously monitor the parameters of the 220V electrical network with the ability to transmit data wirelessly.

Measurement of electrical power in the following areas:

  • power management;
  • control of electricity consumption;
  • monitoring the status of objects.

KaurIoT Gate / Smart Parking System

KaurIoT Gate: a smart solution for parking lots. Control the barrier, garage doors, electromechanical and electromagnetic locks from your mobile phone.

KaurIoT Smart Parking System. Parking space automatisation service.

Telecom Solutions by KaurIoT

We develop application programming interfaces for integrations (T8, REST API, SCEF) and additional services (VAS products) for telecom.

EDGE IoT Computing

A reliable platform for the industrial Internet of Things. EDGE IoT Computing is the next generation after Cloud Computing.

The solution allows you to quickly process information from devices and transmit the results to responsible personnel.

KaurIoT Hub

Programmable modular controller. Organizes interaction between IoT devices and cloud systems.

For industry, logistics, retail and other areas.

KaurIoT Industry solutions

Industrial production


Continuous collection and analysis of data on the state of equipment, technological processes, productivity, consumption of raw materials and electricity, downtime and their causes helps to shorten the production cycle, reduce costs and improve the manageability of production.



Connection to remote objects and automated monitoring of the performance of all network elements for remote monitoring of the infrastructure, accurate metering and distribution of energy resources, reducing operating and repair costs.



Remote control of vehicles and tracking of the cargo delivery chain at all stages, from the manufacturer to the buyer, ensures transparency of logistics, reduces fuel costs and downtime and allows you to monitor and predict the workload for personnel.

Warehouse services


Digitalization of warehouse services improves the management of warehouse assets – goods, equipment, personnel, increases the turnover of goods, reduces downtime and losses and allows you to control the conditions for storage of goods and cargo.

City environment


Automated management of urban infrastructure and individual buildings improves the standard and safety of living by optimizing traffic flows, reducing utility bills, increasing the efficiency of public utilities, managing lighting and introducing other smart services.



Automated services make it easier and faster to serve the public and optimize the workload of medical personnel. Using smart devices allows you to monitor patient status in real time and quickly provide emergency assistance.



The Internet of Things technology helps to effectively manage goods and prices on the shelves, optimally distribute goods in retail chains, monitor the quality of supplies and storage conditions, get more information about customers and implement personal recommendations.



In an urban environment, digitalization helps to recognize and prevent dangerous and undesirable situations at tourism destinations, parks, houses and courtyards, on roads and parking lots. In industry, monitor compliance with safety regulations, build optimal routes for people to travel, monitor environmental parameters and working conditions at enterprises (from mining to the chemical industry) and other dangerous locations.



Intelligent systems for controlling and regulating lighting, temperature and humidity, the amount of feed and fertilizer on farms, in greenhouses and in the fields help significantly reduce costs and losses, increasing business productivity and profitability.

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